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New Trends in Manicure: Russian Style, Durability and Strengthening of Nails
Russian manicure or e-file mani is recognized as a beauty boom and a nail trend that has conquered the world. The name "Russian manicure" is believed to come about due to the clean, polished nature of manicures done by Russian nail technicians.
Features of Russian manicure
Russian manicure is distinguished by its tenderness, minimalism and accentuation of the natural beauty of nails. The main thing that attracts this style is neatness and impeccable execution.
Basic techniques of Russian manicure
Unlike gel manicures or acrylic tips, a Russian manicure is a five to seven-step process that doesn't require any soaking in water. Unlike traditional nail salons where your hands are soaked in a bowl of warm water to soften dead skin cells followed by push-back tools to clip cuticles, Russian manicures clean up your cuticle by using electric nail bits. The third step is polishing the nail bed and creating the desired shape. After the cuticles are cleaned, it is the turn of polishing. But before a manicure specialist applies a colored varnish, a limited base coat is applied (strictly used only for Russian manicure). Then a gel polish is applied, which is applied with an artist's brush and sealed with a top coating.
  • French manicure: This classic style remains one of the fundamental elements of Russian manicure. It is characterized by a white tip of the nail and a natural pinkish tint on the rest of the nail.
  • Delicate shades: Russian manicure involves the use of delicate, muted colors, such as beige, pink, peach. This creates a refined and elegant look.
  • Ombre and gradient: The ombre technique, smoothly transitioning from one color to another, is also popular in Russian manicure. This adds nuance and depth to the design.
Russian manicure technique
Trends in Russian manicure
  • Minimalism: Many people prefer more minimalistic designs, using solid colors, matte shades or delicate patterns such as French manicure.
  • Geometry: Geometric patterns and lines on nails have become a popular way to express your personality within the framework of Russian manicure.
  • Textural finishes: Sometimes materials are used that add texture to the nails, such as powder, velvet or glossy elements.
  • Color experiments: Despite the preference for neutral shades, many are beginning to experiment with pastel and even bright colors, giving the manicure a brighter accent.
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Perfect eyebrows are an important part of the appearance of any girl, and daily care for them is a huge work. Therefore, eyebrow lamination is now gaining popularity.
When you undergo brow lamination, the transformation is truly remarkable.
Russian Style, Durability and Strengthening of Nails.
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