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The fall season trends of colors and manicure design in 2023
Autumn is a rather gloomy time when you just want to get under the blanket with a cup of coffee and watch romantic movies. To add color to gloomy days, you can please yourself with a stylish and beautiful autumn manicure. In this article we will look at the manicure trends of this season. If the transition from spring to summer does not greatly affect the fashion trends in manicure, then the onset of autumn is a completely different matter. Tropical-bright shades will no longer fit, mother-of-pearl is rapidly losing relevance, the marine theme is going out of fashion. Now deep and saturated shades are becoming relevant, nail art in September 2023 becomes more restrained and noble.
Dark shades: Autumn is the perfect time to wear rich and deep colors on your nails. Popular shades are burgundy, dark blue, dark green and flaming orange.
Metallic luster: Manicure with a metallic sheen is one of the main trends of this season.

Geometric patterns: Autumn is a great time to create a manicure with geometric patterns. It can be either an abstract design or simple lines and shapes. This will add style and modernity to your manicure.

Animal prints: One of the notable trends of this season is the use of animal prints on nails. Animal drawings, such as leopard print or zebra, will become a real decoration on your nails.

Matte Finish: Matte manicure remains popular this autumn.
It is worth noting that the blue manicure is famous for its versatility, because it perfectly harmonizes with almost all fashionable delights in clothing.

The fall season’s Motifs: Don't forget to use autumn motifs in nail design. Leaves, pumpkins, cones or peacock feathers are all great options for adding an autumn mood to your nails.

The trend for "nude manicure" will only gain momentum.
This style creates an inconspicuous nail coating and thereby emphasizes the naturalness and environmental friendliness in the image.The sensational summer premiere of the movie "Barbie" starring Margot Robbie played a big role in the popularity of "nyuda", and even the stars are trying to imitate this style.

Another trend of the fall season is the French.
But not simple, but decorative. The nail can be decorated with additional lines, geometric patterns, rhinestones or other elements. The ideal option for autumn is a combination of a classic white and pink palette with decorative elements.

Perfect eyebrows are an important part of the appearance of any girl, and daily care for them is a huge work. Therefore, eyebrow lamination is now gaining popularity.
When you undergo brow lamination, the transformation is truly remarkable.
Russian Style, Durability and Strengthening of Nails.
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